Islamic law forbids terrorism

I came across this article about Islam today (see link below). It says that terrorism does not represent Islam and that Christians, Muslims and Jews are brothers and sisters. They need to respect each other, at the very least, and be at a peace, even if their religions aren’t anything alike.


This shared article is very important to understand so that love, peace, education, understanding, brotherly and sisterly love can continually spread amidst all the greed, confusion and fear happening in our world. God bless education, those who are called to God, and the righteous! May the Great Physician continue to work miracles.


Let us all continue to pray and meditate together to fight murder, lies, war, out of control lust, violence, hatred, rape, oppression, corruption, torture, addiction, racism, prejudice, judgement, sexism, terrorism, confusion, abuse of women and children (men and boys too!) etc. and may social institutions, with righteous values be set up to help mothers wait, be filled with God’s Love or helped in other ways so they can respect themselves, all life, and be in a place of strength and stability, so they don’t fall into abusive traps, neediness, violence, educated elitism and even have to think about abortion.


To the extent we know a baby is innocent and souls are precious, may we all get the strength to help our young sisters and daughters just say no. To raise strong women, we need even stronger men. Not men who beat, lust, cheat, call women “bitches or hoes”, complain, promote prostitution, sleep with everything that moves, promote violence, glorify institutions that disrespect, nor promote strip clubs – Dance is a beautiful expressive art form, and pole dancing started in the Circus tradition and is also in China; an art form that deteriorated from innocent artistic expression that we all have as children, into humiliating jobs for the sake of a dollar.


Promoting contraception without promoting abstinence, education, work and the preciousness of life is not balanced. To raise strong men we need even stronger families and communities. Children are gifts. Your body is your temple. Life is a gift. If you can’t get out of the situation, pray, ask for help from friends, and other institutions here to help you, and just walk away, and keep walking, or if you are in a scary situation you may just have to RUN away to the ocean. Be like Forrest Gump! To those who are addicted on the streets, prayers to you and to all the hard working Good Samaritans out here that help.


Pray for our leader’s spiritual health so that the blessed can spread and share Love. Only God has authority to take away breath, not us. Stop the violence! There are just so many issues, how can we blame one? I propose and believe it is the fear of those who’ve known Him to not be proactive for if you’ve experienced His Love, and KNEW how beautiful you are and how much you were loved by God, every action would be done in alignment with the Father.


It takes time though, health, and basic needs met. Righteous Callings are hard to hear amidst all the noise. May God continue to work His Love and reveal Truth, and Time to truly HEAL ALL mankind and promote His Unconditionally Loving Kindness. May the World Be Saved.


May our Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, and all of our spiritual hard working brothers and sisters continue to Walk In Love on Her precious soil. May we all find the WAY. Life can be very Hard. May we all continue to try our best, pray and find God’s calling for us. May all evil and fear be eradicated and Peace prevail among all mankind!


Here’s the complete story.

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