Church helps bring water to Africa’s neediest


New Faith Baptist Church is based in the Chicago suburbs, but the church demonstrates its faith and values through extensive ministries in Africa.


The church’s website puts it this way: “We at New Faith seek to advance the kingdom of God through wondrous works of unconditional love, compassion and faith-filled action.”


One of those works of love is a nonprofit called The Joseph Assignment, a charity founded by minister Dr. Alexis L. Felder and Dr. Trunell D. Felder.


The Joseph assignment addresses “the needs of the world’s poorest children and families by addressing their basic human needs,” according to the Felders.


A current project of The Joseph Assignment is to raise $75,000 to buy well-digging equipment to bring “fresh clean drinking water to those in need” in remote villages of West Africa,” according to Dr. Alexis Felder.


“We recognize that the only difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is opportunity,” according to Dr. Alexis Felder.


You can learn more about The Joseph Project on its website.


Watch a video about the project.




— BL Gross

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