Clyde Butcher
How God opened a photographer’s eyes and healed his grief

Today Clyde Butcher’s photos are in museums and he is revered as an environmentalist whose wall-sized  black-and-white photographs help people to really see the natural world.


But 27 years ago, he was photographer of seashores and sunsets scenes that major retailers sold as home décor.


“I’d set up my camera, and instead of marveling at what God had created, I’d be calculating how many prints of the scene I would sell,” Butcher writers in Guideposts.


When his teen-aged son was killed by a reckless driver on Father’s Day 1986, all that changed.


Butcher describes in Guideposts how he was lost in grief – and how he found himself.


Butcher threw away his old photography – literally sending thousands of dollars of prints to the trash heap – and began taking black and white photographs of the Florida Everglades.


With fresh eyes, Butcher now took pictures that moved him. He found magical scenes in the stillness and beauty.


“God drew me back to the wondrous world he created.” Butcher wrote. God “set me on my way as a photographer again, and to healing.”


Read the entire story by Clyde Butcher.

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