Smart phone app connects people in prayer

With everyone connected today by smart phones and the Internet, why are those so many people who feel alone?


That was the question facing Bosco Ybarra, co-founder of a free smart-phone app called May Feelings, which allows people around the world to make prayer requests and pray for each other.


“We are very fortunate; we have people around us who pray for us,” said Ybarra in a video about the app. “But there are other people around the world who do not have others to pray for them. “


Social media is a perfect way to connect people, Ybarra says, and he set about to create a new social network built around the power of prayer.


The free smart-phone app is available through app stores and Google Play.


The app allows users to make and track prayer resolutions.


On “the pray box” on the app, the user has 259 characters to summarize a prayer request – people can ask for prayers that all goes well during an operation or that a despondent friend finds hope, for example. The “pray box” can also be used to express joy and thanks.


In order to expose those prayers to other users, the app displays what it calls “My Five,” a place where a changing selection of those requests are displayed.


“Every single prayer is going to be heard,” says Ybarra. “Every intention, every joy, is going to get to someone.”


The “pray” button allows a user to make a commitment: I am going to pray for you. Then the app counts these prayer intentions.  “Can you imagine the feeling? Learning a few days later, that 284 people have prayed for your intention?” Ybarra asks.


In another section, “Now Praying,” the app amasses the power of prayer by allowing individual users to join the world and pray for the same thing at the same time.


Ybarra says the app carries a powerful message: “I do not know who you are but I care about you,” he says. “There is nothing more human than praying.  May Feelings tells you that you count, that you’re important, that you can help.”


It is all based on a simple belief, he adds: “We think prayer works and that it moves mountains.”


Here’s a video about May Feelings:


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