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The extraordinary power of television


The average American watches more than five hours of TV a day and the average American household has two televisions!


TV is the most powerful and influential medium that can penetrate any given market. It is the only medium available that can spread a message to the masses, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort, making it the most effective form of advertising available.


WJYS The Way is uniquely poised and positioned to take your business, program, ministry or message to the next level in a Way that no other TV station in Chicago can match.


We have been the catalyst to the explosive growth and expansion for many local and national organizations who have tapped into the tremendous possibilities offered by advertising in the nation’s third largest metropolitan market, Chicago, Illinois.


If you are ready to go to the next level and beyond, then the professionals at WJYS The Way are ready to take you there. We have the expertise, the experience, and all the power you need to take you where you have never been before.


Ministers & Spiritual Self-Help WJYS … The Way to Inspire


In Chicago, WJYS is The Way for Chicagoland’s most sought after inspirational programming.
WJYS is The Way for ministers of all faiths to uplift millions and grow their ministries and spiritual organizations. Millions of churchgoers and spiritual seekers turn to WJYS The Way to supplement their worship.


Our inspirational line up represents some of the country’s largest mega ministries. These ministries know first hand the vitality and rich diversity of the Chicago market. We have grown ministries by the thousands and can help your local church or organization grow to help more people in the privacy of their own home, in hospitals, nursing homes and jails.


The enormous power of our signal reaches spiritual seekers of all faiths and helps bring them to your spiritual organization. The signal also reaches those who cannot physically get to the spiritual help they need, relying on WJYS The Way, and your broadcast message for spiritual deliverance.


Direct Response & AutomobileWJYS … The Way to Get Paid


When it comes to Direct Response and the Automobile Infomercial, WJYS The Way is the Chicagoland authority.


We were one of the first to bring National Paid Programming to Chicago in 1993, and one of the first to pioneer the 30 minute automotive infomercial which has created an entirely new revenue stream for our clients. We carry the largest inventory of infomercials market wide. No matter what the product or service, WJYS The Way delivers to an audience of almost 11 million eyeballs ready to spend money to improve their quality of life.


• Health & Nutrition
• Exercise & Fitness
• Household Products
• Real Estate Sales
• Investment Tools
• Dining Experience
• Instructional Videos


ProgrammingWJYS …The Way to Entertain


WJYS The Way is Chicago’s only independent station not affiliated with a major network but yet has the same coverage!


That means that WJYS is The Way to get your pilot or program aired to gain a following in the nation’s third largest market when you otherwise would not be able to! You can spread your message to and entertain almost 11 million viewers right now for airtime you cannot get on the major networks!


Do you have a local show that needs exposure? Your sponsors can advertise during your program, and you can gain a fan base that will help take your career and show to the next level!


• B-In Tune
• Kids News
• Aqua Kids
• Eco Company
• Outdoorsman
• Real Life 101
• Planet X
• Tool TV
• Midwest Outdoors
• Coach’s Corner
• Dining Chicago
• Yvonne’s Piano


More Flexibility, More Resources, More Tools


• Choose your program length; 30 seconds to 60 minutes.
• Benefit from premium time slot availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and prime time viewing.
• Take advantage of our full production capability, including writing, directing and producing your




• Our dedicated account team and marketing staff will work with you to ensure a successful ad campaign, while providing the greatest return on investment.


WJYS The Way …

A full power station, broadcasting from the Willis tower, carried over the air, on all cable, fiber and satellite outlets.


WJYS The Way …

Reaches almost 11 million people in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana.


WJYS The Way …

A general market station, with programming consisting of inspirational, direct response and entertainment segments.


WJYS The Way …

Chicago’s most powerful station delivering your message with 30 to 60 minute spots, with aggressive rates and prime time availability.

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“Joyce Meyer Ministries airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. and at 8 p.m. on WJYS.  She’s been airing with WJYS for several years.  Airing on WJYS has allowed Joyce to reach out and minister to a lot of viewers in the nation’s third largest market.”...
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