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Restoring a relationship: Steps that can take you from bitterness to forgiveness
People get offended. They get angry. They get hurt.   It will always happen, says Rev. Duane Vander Klok, the spiritual leader of the WalkingRead More »
Father Cedric: Challenges make champions
If you’re human, you face handicaps, disabilities and problems of one sort or another.   “To live and be human is to suffer and toRead More »
Joyce Meyer: 5 ways to find peace
  If you can’t find peace, you’re never going to be truly happy.   But finding peace means you also have to look for it,Read More »
Are you content with life?
Very few people are consistently content with their life,  says Dr.  Joyce Meyer.   Being content doesn’t mean you never want change or to haveRead More »
Smart phone app connects people in prayer
With everyone connected today by smart phones and the Internet, why are those so many people who feel alone?   That was the question facingRead More »
How to pray at Christmas dinner
When family and friends gather for dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you have an opportunity to make it a meaningful experience. But how?  Read More »
Easy, worthwhile New Year’s resolution: Sleep more
If you’re considering New Year’s Resolutions, here is one change that isn’t hard to make but can transform your life.Read More »
Unplugged: How a family changed its life with a weekly tech-free day
Tiffany Shlain loves technology. She’s “totally addicted” to it. She revels in all the information and communication always at her fingertips.   Except from FridayRead More »
How to train your brain to be happier
Our brain is changing every day, and if we work at it, we can help it change for the better and build the habit ofRead More »
Newest worship tool: Your smartphone?
Some people seem to worship their cell phones. Others, however, worship with their cell phones. A growing number of religious leaders – from Catholics toRead More »
Finding the spirit of Lent in a book
One way to capture the spirit of the Lenten season is to read a book about it, according to Carl McColman, author, of ‘Answering theRead More »
How God opened a photographer’s eyes and healed his grief
Clyde Butcher
Today Clyde Butcher’s photos are in museums and he is revered as an environmentalist whose wall-sized  black-and-white photographs help people to really see the naturalRead More »
Dr. Joyce Meyer: Three ways you can increase your joy
  We all want to live joyful lives, but sometimes we get dragged down by problems in our lives.   Even so, Dr. Joyce MeyerRead More »
Facing fear: Bible verses to give you courage
  What are you afraid of? Whether it’s rational or silly, we all have fears.   Many spiritual people find help in words from theRead More »
Know your enemy: The lying devil
  If you think about the God and the devil as equal forces fighting for your soul, you’re wrong, says the Rev. Duane Vander Klock,Read More »
NY Yankees first baseman is sustained by Jesus, not baseball
Mark Teixeira is the first baseman for one of the most popular baseball teams in the world – the New York Yankees. But what sustainsRead More »
Eight ways to become a better father
  Nobody wants to fail as a father, and yet the world is full of examples of fathers who could have been better. The Rev.Read More »
Prayer: Our weapon against the devil
  Can you pray for an hour?   That’s the question the Rev. James T Meeks asks as he opens a recent sermon titled “LordRead More »
Is this the one thing Christians should stop saying?
  Feeling blessed? Think before you say it   Scott Dannemiller’s business had the best year ever last year.  So it was easy for himRead More »
One idea unites all world religions
  One belief unites all the world’s religions, author says.   Nothing has divided mankind over the years like religious differences. And yet all theRead More »
Major church embraces weight loss and fitness with Daniel Plan
Members of the Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif. are joining together to lose weight and get fit in a program called the Daniel Plan.Read More »
Toxic thinking: How to train your brain
  Many of the things that make us unhappy come from habitual way of thinking – worry, anger and bitterness, negative thoughts and self-talk.   YouRead More »
The Shifting Religious Identity
of Latinos in the United States
  Nearly One-in-Four Latinos Are Former Catholics   Most Hispanics in the United States continue to belong to the Roman Catholic Church. But the CatholicRead More »
Look Up: Beautiful Church Ceilings
These Are The Most Breathtaking Church Ceilings In The World– And We Almost Missed Them   Don’t forget to look up.   Sometimes you findRead More »
Jerry Savelle: How to be free to be ‘me’
  Is there something you don’t like about yourself?   If you answer yes, you are like most people, says minister and author Jerry Savelle.Read More »
Eating healthy: Minister looks to scriptures for guidance
If we looked to the Bible, Rev. Bill Winston preaches, we’d eat healthier.   “Just as spiritual food is to nourish the Body of ChristRead More »
Take a walk in nature; it changes your brain
  A walk in the woods can cheer us up and soothe our jangled nerves.   But scientists now say it does more than thatRead More »
One belief unites all the world’s religions
Nothing has divided mankind over the years like religious differences. And yet all the world’s faiths come down to one common belief, according to KarenRead More »
The link between religion and happiness
  Want to be happier as you age?   Go to church.   Scientists have found that adults over 50 who participate in religious groupsRead More »
Olive trees and olive oil: Understanding what they mean in the Bible
Olive trees and olive oil: These staples of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions are mentioned frequently in both the Old and New Testaments.  Read More »
A prayer of thanks
Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer   O God, when I have food, help me to remember the hungry; When I have work, help me toRead More »
Pure heart, enlightened Mind: The life and letters of an Irish Zen saint by Maura O’Halloran
“In a Buddhist monastery in northern Japan there is a statue of a young Irish-American woman whose memory is revered by many pilgrims.   HowRead More »
Islamic law forbids terrorism
I came across this article about Islam today (see link below). It says that terrorism does not represent Islam and that Christians, Muslims and JewsRead More »
Church helps bring water to Africa’s neediest
  New Faith Baptist Church is based in the Chicago suburbs, but the church demonstrates its faith and values through extensive ministries in Africa.  Read More »
Joyce Meyer: The best way to fight stress
  Stress is a modern epidemic, and it leads to mental and physical ills.   But evangelist Joyce Meyer offers one way to fight stress.Read More »
How to be prepared — for whatever
  It’s a dangerous world, and Lori Bakker, wife of evangelist Jim Bakker, says one thing that makes her feel more secure is the emergencyRead More »
The Passionists:
A campaign to keep the work alive
Many have been touched by the work of a religious order called the Passionists. Now, those supporters are working together in a new campaign toRead More »
How to stay positive in a negative world
  It’s easy to be discouraged about the world and the times in which we live.   Evangelist Andrew Wommack says: “If you haven’t noticedRead More »
Finding awe in your life
  Awesome is one of the most over-used words in our vocabulary today.   But awe is real and it’s a beneficial thing.   WritingRead More »
Fresh ways to honor the meaning of Christmas
  Christmas is distracting.   Lights, decorations, parties, entertainment: They all distract us and keep us busy at a time when many say they wantRead More »
Skip the one about losing weight: Make meaningful New Year’s Resolutions
If everybody kept their new year’s resolutions, we’d all be thin, fit and successful. This year, rather than opting for the same-old-same-old, several Christian websitesRead More »
New Year’s resolutions that are right for Christians
  Many of us vow we’ll lose weight, eat right and get fit next year.   But there are resolutions that are more meaningful forRead More »
Inspiring yoga teacher: Paralyzed, he helps others connect with their bodies
  Matthew Sanford is a yoga teacher. He also is a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down at age 13 in a car accident thatRead More »
Body language can change your life
We all pay attention to body language – whether someone turns their back on us,  shakes our hand or looks down. But we pay less attentionRead More »
Museum of Bible being built in Washington DC
Construction recently began on a new museum in Washington D.C. devoted to the Bible. Privately funded by the family that owns the Hobby Lobby chainRead More »
Yoga: A path to superpowers? A scientist explores
Yoga has gained popularity as a way to achieve physical fitness, relieve stress and improve concentration.   But a new book by a scientist whoRead More »
Denzel Washington to grads: Put God first
Two-time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington talked about the importance of his faith when he addressed graduating students at Dillard University in New OrleansRead More »
Money can buy happiness — if we spend it right
People who get more money don’t necessarily get and stay happier.   But that’s because they’re spending money in the wrong way, according to ElizabethRead More »
Back to school: Why teachers are both artists and warriors
  As children prepare for a new semester, it’s a good time say a prayer for the people on whom all schools and students depend:Read More »
Televangelist James Robison describes how traumatic events shaped his life
JamesRobison display
James Robison is a prominent and popular TV evangelist today, but his life began with hardship and trauma.   In a moving account of hisRead More »
Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys For the Miraculous
“Katie Souza: Healing Your Soul – Real Keys to the Miraculous is the weekly Television Broadcast of Katie Souza Ministries. This program teaches cutting-edge revelationRead More »
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