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WJYS was licensed  almost 33 years ago in 1981. We are just normal, good, loving, hard working Americans, blessed to run a TV business for almost 11 million viewers, from the tallest building in the western world when measuring pinnacle height (Willis is still the tallest building in the western hemisphere without its antennae), in America’s second largest English speaking market. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best and brightest engineers, law firms, writers, religious leaders, artists of all types, agencies, social media experts, musicians, salespeople, businessmen, talent, presidents, politicians, accountants, master control operators, ministers, T.V. traffic managers, real estate brokers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, teachers, police officers, firemen, mailmen, professors, photographers, web designers, directors, producers, doctors, gardeners, architects, contractors and other professionals in the world, through sickness and in health. With old school business-savvy broadcaster leadership, brilliance, skills, loyalty of friends, firms and employees, who’ve worked and known us for three decades but, most importantly, with hard work, perseverance, integrity, family values, faith in God and in continually doing what’s right from the heart, WJYS and our sub-channels continue to grow and give inspirational programming, with honor, to a very devout and faithful multiculturally, socioeconomically, racially, and religiously diverse viewership. This year, October 13, 2014, WJYS will celebrate its 33rd anniversary! We’ve received thousands of e-mails and letters, thanking us,  that come from prison inmates, chaplains, nursing homes, nonprofits, ministers of all faiths, hospices, hospitals, small and large businesses and spiritual organizations who are continually blessed by our broadcasts. We’ve grown some of the smallest local businesses and ministries from 30 members to over 1 million members. We are looking forward to the next 33 years! Local broadcasters continue to serve our communities with free over the air TV and donate airtime to charitable causes and for Public Service. WJYS sends prayers of healing, blessings, salvation, peace, freedom, grace and love to all of our viewers and to our clients, friends, employees and independent contractors of more than three decades! Walk in Love. Walk in Truth. Walk in Peace. May the Laws of the Land Continue to Bend to God’s Perfection who is so Mysterious, yet, Truthful at the same time. With humility and gratitude, WJYS sends a big thank you to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Chicago, the rest of America, our beautiful Earth, Universe and Multiverses.  We care about the faithful Community we give hope and inspiration to. We lovingly continue to serve you.  May God continue to protect America so She will continually feed those in need, with physical and spiritual nourishment. To this Beloved “HEART”land –  may war, poverty, prejudice, racism, sexism, illness, injustice, prisons that annihilate rather than rehabilitate, and suffering all cease one day. WJYS  honors all of our veterans and troops who continually protect and serve America with their LIVES. With still, the best rates in the market, WJYS strives to broadcast the best inspirational programming available and serve our clients and viewers. Prayers and Hugs! God Bless.

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“Joyce Meyer Ministries airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. and at 8 p.m. on WJYS.  She’s been airing with WJYS for several years.  Airing on WJYS has allowed Joyce to reach out and minister to a lot of viewers in the nation’s third largest market.”...
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