Eight ways to become a better father


Nobody wants to fail as a father, and yet the world is full of examples of fathers who could have been better.
The Rev. Gregory M. Dickow writes that one key way fathers can succeed is by getting to know and following God as father.


“Understand that He loves you, comforts you, protects you, provides for you all the time,” Dickow writes, “and you’ll be better able to do the same for your own children.”


A second critical step, Dickow says, is to love and respect their mother.

“A sense of security comes to children who see their father respect their mother, whether they are married or divorced,” he says. “If you are divorced, you still have an awesome responsibility for your children. Respecting their mother and treating her with dignity is a must. Put your personal grievances aside and for the sake of your love for your children, treat their mother with honor. This will comfort and stabilize your children.”


Here are more ways, Rev. Dickow says fathers can become better parents:


  • Give your children a sense of belonging, acceptance, and identity.
  • Embrace your children.
  • Respect your child’s thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Encourage your children.
  • Teach them the Word.

Read the full article by Rev. Dickow here.


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