Finding awe in your life


Awesome is one of the most over-used words in our vocabulary today.


But awe is real and it’s a beneficial thing.


Writing in Psychology Today, Amie M Gordon, Ph.D. says psychologist are still learning about awe but they know this:


“ So far, they’ve found that after experiencing awe, people feel that they have more time and are part of something bigger. They also are more generous to other people and more satisfied with their lives. And there may even be a link between awe and health—recent research shows that people who tend to feel a lot of awe have fewer proinflammatory cytokines.”


Where do you find awe?



Gordon suggests you look to nature, travel or read inspiring stories.


Or, she suggests, hang out with a child. “Children are also awe-inspiring because they are learning and growing so quickly!”


Plenty of people, find awe is prayer, in meditation and in God.


Read the full story in Psychology Today here.

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