Fresh ways to honor the meaning of Christmas


Christmas is distracting.


Lights, decorations, parties, entertainment: They all distract us and keep us busy at a time when many say they want to focus on spiritual experiences.


What can a Christian family do?


It’s easy to give advice, of course, and much harder to put it into action.


Here, however, are several suggestions from various churches and ministries:


Clean together: Riverside Christian School suggests you make a family effort out of making room for Christ. “Prepare room for Christ during this season, both in your hearts and in your homes, the school suggests. “Take the time as a family to discuss the meaning of advent and the importance of preparing room for Christ. Take action in this as well and go through your kids’ closets, toy bins, storage, etc. and select items to donate to shelters or families of need.”


Read together: Sarah Hamaker at says her family makes a daily ritual of it: “Each Dec. 1, we get out our Christmas books and holiday movies. Each day during December, one child picks a book or movie for the entire family to watch or read together.”


Keep gift-giving simple. Erin Odom of writes: “My family doesn’t think there is anything wrong with giving gifts at Christmas, but instead of lavishing our girls with any and every toy, we’ve decided to keep it at just three gifts–in representation of the three gifts from the wise men. They receive a want (like a new toy), a need (like an article of clothing) and a spiritual gift (like a new Bible).”


— BL Gross

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