New Year’s resolutions that are right for Christians


Many of us vow we’ll lose weight, eat right and get fit next year.


But there are resolutions that are more meaningful for Christians.


Here’s a selection of ideas from several Christian writers and websites.


Christian Today suggests:


Vow to stop gossiping. Sometimes, people pass on juicy problems or events in other people’s lives as “prayer requests.”  Recognize gossiping for what it is.


Promise to give more. “If your budget is tight, is there anything that you can do without to free up more cash? Could you drop the gym and give the extra time and money to something more worthwhile?” Giving is the essence of being a Christian.


Natasha Crain proposes this on her blog


Vow to “make more spiritual space” in your home. “If you don’t have a daily time scheduled for your family’s spiritual development (e.g., prayer outside of meal times, Bible study and conversations about faith), it’s time to start. We schedule everything else that’s important to us (piano classes, sports programs, meetings, etc.) – why wouldn’t we schedule daily spiritual time for the family?” has a different twist:


Make it your goal to more fully savor the life God has given you.  People who know that a medical condition is likely to end their life soon often talk about how much they enjoy each day they have left on earth. Well, we’re all facing a death sentence, Barbara Rainey writes, so “It would be good for us to evaluate how we can enjoy each of our days more fully.”


— BL Gross

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