NY Yankees first baseman is sustained by Jesus, not baseball

Mark Teixeira is the first baseman for one of the most popular baseball teams in the world – the New York Yankees. But what sustains him, he says, is relationship with Jesus.
Baseball isn’t what makes him happy, he explained in an interview with the 700 Club.

“If you put all your hope and aspirations and dreams toward baseball and what you’re doing on the field, you will be truly truly disappointed on a daily basis,” he said. Even when everything is going your way, you can get booed.

While Teixeira became a Christian as a child, his faith was not strong when he first came to major league baseball.

“Everything was about me, baseball and what I could do for myself,” he said. “When you don’t have a relationship with Christ, you don’t understand that you have to love everybody, not accept or tolerate people, but truly love them.”

His faith deepened dramatically, however, when he became a father. Realizing how much he loved his son, he also realized: “I am so selfish. I can’t believe how selfish I have been for 26 years of my life.”

Here’s the whole interview from the 700 Club:

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