Prayer: Our weapon against the devil


Can you pray for an hour?


That’s the question the Rev. James T Meeks asks as he opens a recent sermon titled “Lord teach us to pray.”


Rev. Meeks says “I think we underestimate the devil because we say so often he has been defeated. But he has not been destroyed.”


“He is alive,” Rev. Meeks says. “He is active.”


One way he is active is in robbing us of our desire to pray.


Prayer, Meeks preaches, is the key to being a Christian. “You should pray because it is your duty to pray,” he said.


“We are in a fight and the devil does not want us spiritually mature,”  Meeks says.  “And the weapons of our warfare are spiritual.”


“God deserves some time that we do nothing but devote to him,” Meeks preaches.


The full sermon is here.



Sermon of the week 4-12-15 from Salem Baptist Church Chicago on Vimeo.

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