Toxic thinking: How to train your brain


Many of the things that make us unhappy come from habitual way of thinking – worry, anger and bitterness, negative thoughts and self-talk.


You can change your thinking, according to Rev. Bill Winston, who teaches something he calls the 21 Day Brain Change.  Winston is the founder and pastor of Living Word Christian Center, a multi-cultural, non-denominational church with more than 20,000 members located in Forest Park, Illinois.


Winston says that with consistent effort over just three weeks, you can detoxify your thinking one thought at a time. What makes it possible, he says, is the power of the word of God.


The program starts with a self-test to help you focus on just one bad thought pattern you need to change.


Then, Rev. Winston’s website provides scriptures that help you address the area you want to change.


Seven to 12 times a day, participants meditate on these scriptures – when they wake up, when they take a lunch break, before going to sleep.


Winston describes the program on his website.


Here are some additional tips from Rev. Winston:


  • First four days of any fast or change program is the hardest
  • The war is in your mind
  • Don’t leave out the God Factor.  We need God to help us change and maintain our new positive thought life
  • Think God’s promises…not the problem
  • There are either good thoughts or bad thoughts….there are no neutral thoughts.

— B.L. Gross

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