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“Joyce Meyer Ministries airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. and at 8 p.m. on WJYS.  She’s been airing with WJYS for several years.  Airing on WJYS has allowed Joyce to reach out and minister to a lot of viewers in the nation’s third largest market.”

Walter Warren of LightQuest Media, Inc.

“I just received a letter from a gentleman from Morton Village, Illinois, writing to let us know he was watching our TV broadcast and received Christ as his Saviour.


“Immediately, I thought Wow! Then my focus went to our church people and that they never hear about all the souls who are won through our broadcast.


“We have been on the air since spring of 2006 and have seen numerous people saved through our broadcast. We are currently averaging over 20,000 viewers each week.


“Recently we started airing our Spanish services at 10:30 p.m. every Friday night. So far, in just over six weeks of broadcasting, we have received over 210 calls for prayer, people asking for transportation to church and people asking for information about church.”

Carol Worley, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Ind., media department

“Our television outreach Living Single and Loving It has been airing every Saturday at 9 p.m. on WJYS since January 2007.  For the last year we have also been airing on MCTV every Saturday at 7 a.m..


“Airing on WJYS/MCTV gives us an opportunity to share a message to the single adult community.  Focused ministry to the single adult community in the Body of Christ is an unmet need and our television program enables us to meet the needs of the single adult community.


“We receive frequent comments from our viewers that they enjoy our ministry and it is helping them.  A viewer recently posted this on Facebook:


Good morning. God woke me up this morning on your program. Your voice Pastor Debbie, faintly seeped into my consciousness. What you were saying alarmed my spirit and I immediately attuned to the message. I’m so ecstatic that God led me to your ministry. Everything that Pastor Debbie said was a confirmation of what the Holy Spirit already revealed to me. This is my season in which God is building me up! I will yoke up with this ministry as the Lord leads. Thank you for the calling that you have answered; God knew His children needed it!”

Debbie Adebayo of Singles Pleasing The Lord

“We’ve aired for over 10 years on WJYS. The station is so wonderful to work with, not only are they efficient, but a pleasure to work with each and every day. They make our job fun!


“We’re currently working with a local program based in San Francisco, City Impact. Crystel Green (our rep with Escomedia) is so supportive of this project, and we’re really looking forward to working with her on it. We love running on WJYS and look forward to many more opportunities in the future! Thank you for all you do.”

Michelle Langford  of Express Media, LLC

“We are an advertising agency specializing in Direct Response Marketing. I have aired numerous long form/paid programming shows on WJYS over the past six years. From household items, skin care products, health and fitness, to personal success shows.


“I am currently on air on WJYS four to five times per week with an infomercial called “Brainetics,” a memory and math program geared towards kids. This show has been on WJYS for about a year and a half.


“Since I do infomercials, how our clients succeed is on their return of investment. If they spend X amount for a half hour airing on WJYS, they would need to generate X amount of sales to be profitable.  We and our clients carefully analyze response and Brainetics, among others, have experienced success on WJYS.”

Ben Purcell of Icon Media Direct

“Anointed Word has been a part WJYS Channel 62 for nine years. We began our journey with the station, airing Thursday at 10:30 a.m. We held that slot for more than two years until, due to our popularity with our audience, our viewers requested we get an evening time slot so they could see Anointed Word’s telecast more frequently.


“In response to those demands, we added a Sunday spot at 9:30 p.m., and our television audience grew tremendously.  The increased growth was evidenced by the many people who began to visit the church, some of whom became a part of the congregation.


“We are currently airing at 8:30 p.m. every Sunday and that prime-time spot draws even more viewers.  Everywhere I go, whether to other churches, in and out of town, on the street, in the shopping centers, in restaurants, as I travel the airways, in hotels, and even at national and international conferences, I’m stopped by people who tell me how much they love the telecast and how it blesses them.


“Many of these people have become financial supporters of our ministry, and all of our special functions are populated by these viewers.


“Our popularity has grown because we are part of the WJYS Channel 62 Oxford Network. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried television yet, to contact Oxford Network and check out the great benefits of airing programs over this network. “

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Anderson: Founder, CEO and pastor of Anointed Word International MinistriesMarkham,  Ill.

“The Garner Ted Armstrong Show has been airing on WJYS/WEDE/MCTV every Saturday morning for several years now, without ever being off for a single week.


“The client has been very pleased with the response, and the fact that the stations have consistently run bonus airings has been tremendous. Capturing viewers at different times of the day or evening is a fantastic perk!”

Barbara Husbands

“We have been airing Kenneth Cox Ministries on WJYS a little over a year, once a week on Fridays at 7 p.m.
“We have been very pleased with the response received from the listening audiences. Of course, our interest is the people’s acceptance to the gospel.
“Chicago has been a very good market for us.”

Kenneth Cox

“Our national ministry is Larry Huch Ministries. About three years ago, Brian Tucker (our WJYS/Escomedia account manager) contacted us about broadcasting our program “New Beginnings with Pastors Larry and Tiz.”


“We felt the Lord tell us: “Yes, reach out to the Chicagoland area.”


“Our program airs weekly at 10 a.m. Wednesday.  Brian has sent us statistics that show our program is one of the more popular shows on WJYS.  In fact two years ago Pastor Larry was featured on a billboard campaign sponsored by the station.


“We have always felt drawn to Chicago and we have made many ministry friends and partners in the region; all due to our weekly broadcast.”

Pastor Scott SigmanDFW New Beginnings Church, Dallas, Texas

“The Disciples Of Christ Full Gospel Church of Chicago formed as a small congregation in 1983 and began making videos of our church services in 1992. We starting airing these services on WJYS in 2009.


“From these broadcasts, we receive calls to pray from Chicago, the suburbs and Indiana, mainly for sickness and encouragement — when the caller sees the need as urgent. We receive letters from viewers and from an inmate in the Joliet Prison.


“Even though we don’t count the number of viewers, we know that there are quite a few faithful ones. We are happy with the service of WJYS. “

Pastor William D. Price
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“Joyce Meyer Ministries airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. and at 8 p.m. on WJYS.  She’s been airing with WJYS for several years.  Airing on WJYS has allowed Joyce to reach out and minister to a lot of viewers in the nation’s third largest market.”...
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